Artwork & CV > NP2S, 2012

This installation ties into ongoing themes in my work exploring the process of working with or against the other and the resulting compromise or collaboration of individuals. The name is both evocative and playful, every option is a compromise, a negotiation and requires thought and to some degree work on the part of the sitter.

The chairs themselves are stacked, overlapping, clustered. The installation is interactive and useable, but not in an obvious way. Viewers become ‘sitters’ who engage with one another in a tight space that needs to be negotiated. NP2S presents a virtually limitless number of permutations, juxtapositions and interrelations for sitters to experience the installation, which itself creates the opportunity for situations and interactions with one another. It requires that sitters become conscious about their position not only with respect to the sculpture, but also with one another and with the park itself, since each seat offers its own unique perspective of the surrounding space.

No Place to Sit (NP2S) consists of thirteen vintage wooden chairs of varying styles that have been remixed and reconfigured into a bright red monochrome interlocking body.
NP2S, 2012
vintage wood chairs